The Makino Seiki and Grinding Science & Engineering Companies have the
CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder That's Right For You

CNJ2-30 For Versatility
Nothing tops this 6 or 7 axis tool and cutter grinder for manufacturing and resharpening of all types of rotary cutting tools (from 1/8" to 9" diameter). Menu-driven software ensures quick set-ups. Plus, automatic tool measuring makes operation simple and efficient.

CNS2 For Micro Tool Grinding
Speed up carbide or HSS tool production and improve tolerances with this fully automatic 6 axis CNC microtool grinder. Motorized grinding spindle operates smoothly at speeds up to 12,000 RPM. Loads automatically for hours of unattended operation.

CNV2-50G For Flute Grinding
Increase output of larger diameter tools, freeing-up your lighter tool and cutter grinders for finishing operations. Flute right-hand and left-hand tools up to 65 degree helix angles with our new four axis, 10 or 20 HP, direct drive spindle, CNC flute grinder.

CNV-1200B For Broach Grinding
Just one set-up and you're ready to grind rotary, square, hexagonal or special broaches to the highest tolerances over a full 48" X axis stroke. the double-ended grinding wheel spindle enables manufacturing or re-grinding of broaches with unmatched flexibility.

MFG-20 CNC Fully Automatic Flute Grinder
The 3-5 axis CNC flute Grinder uses up to 20" diameter grinding wheels and a 50 HP spindle motor for high power.

MEG-20 CNC Fully Automatic Endteeth Grinder
The 6-7 axis CNC End Teeth Grinder with it's 25 HP grinding spindle and 20" wheels gives high production rates grinding large diameter HSS or carbide end mills.

CNII-25 High Precision Compact CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder
This machine is a compact 2-4 axis CNC Tool and Cutter grinder for tool room use or manufacturing. Helix angles from +60 to -60 degrees can be set up quickly. Tools up to 6" diameter with 1 1/4" shank, such as hobs, drills, and shell mills can be ground between centers.

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